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Not many people can say they do what they love for a living, but our Lee's Summit estate planning office is different. We thrive on helping others with some of the most important decisions they make in life. Why? Simply put: We care about families.

We Put Family First

Working with new and young families is our passion. Parents are never prouder, and never smile bigger than when they are talking about their children. Their children are the center of their universe, and parents will do everything in their power to give their children the best life they can. Here, we focus on educating parents about what they can do now to protect their children and give them the best life possible, no matter what the future holds.

Protecting your family's bright future.

The Little Things Matter

Estate planning is one of the most overlooked legal aspects in a person's life. Unfortunately, it seems that new and young families are overlooked by the legal community when it comes to establishing an estate plan. We think this is irresponsible. As young or new parents in the Kansas City community, you generally do not need a robust estate plan. What you need is a solid foundation of basic documents, coupled with a farsighted outlook into your future life. With this approach, you can protect your family now and make protecting them easier and less costly down the road. We hope you will take the time to sit down with us and learn how simple and cost-effective it is to begin the estate planning process now.

Ready to get started on estate planning?

Our passion and dedication is what makes our Lee's Summit office different from other estate planning establishments. Because of this, young families in the Kansas City area can trust us with their future.

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