Create Your Family Trust in Lee's Summit

A family trust, also known as a revocable living trust, offers a number of legal benefits to its beneficiaries, and Legal Center for New Families can help you get set up with a plan that satisfies you and your families needs. Whether you want to protect an asset or are trying to set aside extra money for an education fund, a family trust, legally referred to as a revocable living trust, can be custom tailored around your family's wishes.

How a Family Trust Can Help:

Asset Protection

Family trusts (Revocable living trusts) do not provide asset protection for the persons forming the trust. However, it may provide asset protection for the beneficiaries once the people who formed the trust die, but not until then.

Special Fund

If you have a family, you will likely want to set aside money for life milestones in the future -- think college, a first car, or even a wedding. Fortunately, a family trust (Revocable living trust) can help you do just that.

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