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At the Legal Center for New Families in Lee's Summit, Missouri, we have identified the most appropriate estate planning documents for your new family. The terms are listed below with brief descriptions so you will have a general idea of their importance and meaning. If you have any specific questions about anything listed on this page, please don't hesitate to call our office -- our attorneys look forward to answering your questions about these important issues. We want our clients to be well-versed about everything from last will and testament to power of attorney for finance. When your family's future depends on your decision making, knowledge is power.


Last Will and Testament

In its most basic definition, the last will and testament is a document in which a person directs how their estate is to be distributed upon death. More specifically, this last will and testament serves to cover the following:

  • Who will manage your estate, acting as your Personal Representative
  • Who will inherit your estate / How your estate will be transferred to its various beneficiaries
  • What decision-making authority is granted to your Personal Representative
  • If you are a parent, this specifies who you want to become acting guardian and conservator upon your departure.

When it comes to your last will and testament, this legal document is a way to not protect both you and your family. Need legal assistance planning your last will and testament? If you live in the Lee's Summit or greater Kansas City area, our attorneys can help guide you through this process. We are licensed in both Missouri and Kansas.

Guardian Will With Minor Testamentary Trust

This document combines a Last Will and Testament with one of the luxuries of a Trust. It adds in the ability to control when your children would receive control of their inheritance. Check out our blog “Your Child's Inheritance -- Protecting Them From Themselves?” to find more about why this may be important for your family.

Power of Attorney for Finance

A document giving the listed individual the ability to manage an incapacitated person's day-to-day financial affairs when they are unable to do so themselves. All legal adults should have one.

Power of Attorney for Health Care and Health Care Directive

A document directing an agent how to make health care decisions for an incapacitated person. This includes not only general health care decisions, but also how the person would want possible life prolonging procedures to be handled. All legal adults should have one.

Non-Probate Planning

Careful treatment and proper titling of real and personal property needed to avoid the time, hassle, and expense of property passing through the courts, while still making sure the property follows your overall estate planning goals.

Revocable Trust

A Revocable Trust is one of the most efficient and thorough methods of directing property distribution upon one's death. It provides an endless number of methods on who the property goes to, and how and when it is distributed, and all property funded into the trust passes automatically free for probate.

Pour-over Guardian Will

The form of Will necessary to accompany a Trust. Includes the ability to name guardians for the person's children.

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